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Srećice - Happiness comes to the creative!

   13 May , 2010 1:36

Happiness is in arm`s reach and Srećice (The Happy Ones) build their happiness with their own hands. We are presenting Aleksandra and Ivana and their jewelry "Srećice."

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 Srecice Handmade Jewelry


Life happiness means growing and being surrounded with people we love, doing the job that we like, that we enjoy and that fulfills us and having open arms to embrace happiness! It is not a coincidence that happiness comes to the brave, since their energy and positive thoughts are based on what they wish most and they strive to fulfill their goals by working hard. Positive thoughts and acts give fruitful results.


Happiness also comes to the creative. It also comes to us when we look at them and their creative work. Chain reaction of creative, fine arts and will for work leads us into new stories about details which make our days more beautiful and brings Srećice as our guests.


Srecice Handmade Jewelry


Who are "Srećice" ?


'Srećice' are sisters Aleksandra and Ivana Perović from Belgrade, Serbia, who have always had a wish to make and create things, ever since they were born. Creation of any type has always fascinated us and we managed to find ourselves completely in jewelry creation. We have obsessive love for jewelry. We experienced many times that we had in our minds a picture of a piece of jewelry we would like to wear, but it was not possible to find anything similar in stores.


Srecice Handmade Jewelry


 Creativity and materials. Choices of shapes and colours.


Creativity and materials. Choice and shapes. Colours. Polymer clay enabled us to reach jewelry from our imagination. Clay is also a fantastic medium that does not hold you back in any way. The only limitation is your imagination. It is available in many various colours, and colours can be mixed, so possibilities are practically unlimited.


Srecice Handmade Jewelry


When it`s fresh, clay is soft and can be shaped easily. After it is baked, clay becomes endurable and can be polished, processed and baked again if it is necessary. There are several brands of polymer clay, but our first contact was with clay by our home producer "Beolin". We got acquainted with some others brands later, like "Fimo" and "Premo" and we fell completely in love with this medium, which does not allow you to grow up or to close the door of your imagination.


Our jewelry is in most cases made of polymer clay, but we also use cold porcelain in our work. What makes cold porcelain available to everyone is that you can make it as a modeling mass in your kitchen and enjoy in exploring your options. Cold porcelain is a mass that dries in the open air, can be easily molded and can be painted before or after modeling and drying. It is very endurable after drying and can be polished, processed or lacquered.

 Srecice Handmade Jewelry


For all creative persons, who want to try to make their own creations, Srećice reveal a simple recipe for cold porcelain:


A glass of corn starch - thickness
A glass of white glue for wood, transparent
A large spoon of white vinegar
A large spoon of herbal oil
A small spoon of any hand cream
Colour – liner, water-colour, edible colours... As an option, you can paint the mixture after making it, but colours should not be liquid but powdery in this case. You can also paint a dried piece of art with help of acrylic paints.


Srecice Handmade Jewelry


Ways to make cold porcelain:


Mix all ingredients in a small pot. The ideal case would be that the pot for warming and mixing the mixture is made of Teflon. When all ingredients are well blended, put them on light fire and cook while steering them for about 2-3 minutes. When the mixture stars disassembling from base of the pot and piles as a bowl in the center, the mixture is ready. Put it on a board for mixing, which was previously smeared with hand cream. In order to prevent the mass to stick on the board, cover the board with aluminum foil. Knead the mixture as dough for 30 seconds. Leave it to settle for a few minutes and then knead again.


Repeat the procedure 2-3 times till you make a mixture similar to "playdough" plasteline. Leave the mixture at rest for a while before use, so it would be great to prepare it one day before. Keep in a well tied plastic bag without air or in a hermetically closed pot. When well closed, the mixture can last for a month at most. Remember why you liked plasteline when you were a child and enjoy it! It will be even easier for those who have children, since kids will remind them that imagination can do so much.


Srećice combine polymer clay and cold porcelain with glass and woody pearls, gem stones, natural stones, crystals, silver wire and coloured wire. You can also use such materials as: leather, satin, organdy, wax rope, acrylic colours, lacquer and clay.


Srecice Handmade Jewelry


If you are not into creating your own jewelry, you can contact Srećice to will form your ideas into jewelry you envisaged.


Srecice Handmade Jewelry


Srecice Handmade Jewelry


Have long have you been in this business and what inspires you? Some of your jewelry collections became best-sellers and have many fans. Tell us more about style that leads you.


We have been designing jewelry for about 10 years, but more intense in last two years. There is no style or direction we stick to, since we believe there are numerous things in the world that can serve as inspiration, so it is impossible for us to resist a new challenge. We like to bring positive energy into our pieces and we always hope that they will make someone’s day and make them smile!


Srecice Handmade Jewelry


Current models in your jewelry collections. Uniqueness!


Our customers have been buying "footwear earrings", inspired by fashion trends lately. Everything started when Converse All Star Sneakers came into center of interest again. You can see a lot of them in the streets, so we used them as inspiration for a collection of unusual and cheerful earrings. Wearing them you cannot go unnoticed!


"Footwear earrings" trend extended to rubber boots with colourful patterns, house slippers, as well as the latest models as high heels and preparation for summer – sandals and flip-flops for the beach.  


Srecice Handmade Jewelry


Srecice Handmade Jewelry  Srecice Handmade Jewelry


More about creativity of Srećice. – Differences and tendencies.


Ivana is always cheerful and smiling. She is full of positive energy and her pieces transfer her energy. It is almost impossible to find her piece of jewelry which does not have bright colours. Aleksandra possesses a darker side so she is currently creating darker jewelry in gothic Lolita style, which she likes a lot and wears it herself. Her pieces are elegant and feminine and give you a dose of mystery – reveals Aleksandra.


Srećice say that you can wear their jewelry in almost all occasions - "You must possess a wish to be in center of attention, because your jewelry will certainly not hide you."


Srecice Handmade Jewelry


If you like pieces of jewelry presented here, check out collection on Facebook, order some pieces or ask Srećice to make jewelry from your imagination.


Most important of all: Srećice offer earrings, rings, bracelets, necklaces, pendants, key chainholders and pendants for cell-phones, as well as various hair decorations. Anything you wish!





Photos of their pieces: Srećice.


Kontakt: Srećice. - Facebook Page






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Thank you for your creativity and imagination! Collection of footwear earrings looks so tempting:)


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