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David Fisher - Dynamic Architecture

   3 May , 2010 23:29

After static building were being built for centuries, Italian architect David Fisher pushes limits of the possible and bravely projects "dynamic revolution".

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Dynamic Architecture by David Fisher


Dynamic architecture or dynamic revolution is a futuristic project by architect David Fisher, who made an important step for modern architecture by combining modern technology, modern construction and futuristic shape in one unity. The whole concept was published in June 2008 and first two buildings are to be built in Dubai and Moscow. The building in Dubai will be named Da Vinci Tower, it will be 420 meters tall with 80 floors. The future has begun, the future is now!



The first revolutionary aspect is connected with shape of the building which is constantly changing. The tall building is envisaged as a unity in which each floor moves. Floors move around their own axis and rotation makes the building look differently each minute. You wake up in the morning with a view of sunrise and enjoy sunset in the evening. This is the first project with four dimensions; designed for time and shaped with life.



The second revolution of the futuristic project is manner of building and construction itself. David Fisher introduced new materials in construction and one of them is prefabrication. That means that the whole building is made in a factory, which gives a whole new approach to building – industrial approach. The whole building, apart from bases of concrete, is made of several prefabricated units shipped to construction sites when completed. The finished blocks include floors, installations, plumbing, air conditioning and other construction work. By this procedure and manner of construction with aluminum, carbon fibers and other top quality, contemporary materials, which are built in mechanically at site with luxurious processing, faster and more efficient construction is enabled and fewer manual workers are needed, which saves significantly on funds for the entire project. Each floor is made separately, which causes flexibility in construction, together with high seismic resilience.

 Dynamic Architecture by David Fisher


The third revolution connects technology and luxury with environment. Wind turbines are set between floors, while solar panels will be set on the roof to facilitate electrical current supply and save on some other resources. This unique architectural solution in this project –concept becomes ‘unit of power’ which produces energy which does not damage city or nature.



Besides futuristic design and 360 degrees panoramic view, luxurious apartments-villas on top of the building will enable maximum enjoyment. Surface of 1000m2 are adapted to fulfill all wishes and needs of individual clients. Everything that includes final works (from floors to ceilings), including bathrooms, kitchens and furniture depend only on style and choice by future owners. Luxurious Italian marble, bathrooms from company Leonardo da Vinci from Italy, Turkish baths and saunas will increase pleasure and decorate the space.


Dynamic Tower by David Fisher


What is the most important to me is that owners will chose speed of rotation of their floor, as well as direction it moves. With voice commands they will control entrance, surveillance, light, air conditioning and temperature of indoor swimming pool! Amazing, isn’t it? Owners of these villas will be able to climb their vehicle with a lift to their floor right in front of their entrance door. Besides maximum comfort, safety of owners was also a key point. Dynamic villas – floors-houses, whatever we call them, make a dynamic fortress which is a true architectural challenge; new age for architecture which will change look of our cities and make separate cycles united by a rotating axis.



. It is envisaged that David Fisher’s dynamic buildings will decorate some of the greatest cities of the world: Dubai, Paris, London, Rio de Janeiro, Milan, New York, Chicago, Miami, Mumbai and Shanghai. Dynamic Hotel is being planned as well. Instead of name ‘hotel’, it will include wellness experience which promises luxury and comfort which cannot even be marked with hotel stars. Time as the fourth dimension definitely works in Fisher’s advantage and leaves us breathless.


Dynamic Architecture by David Fisher


Info and photos - copyright by David Fisher - Dynamic Architecture.




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