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Mise en Dior – Cult Dior Necklaces

 Dior 10 January , 2012 15:50

A cult collection of necklaces and bracelets of the house of Dior – Mise en Dior is enriched with new editions for 2012.

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Mise en Dior 2010


The flamboyant touch of glamour made from a multitude of large beads features the Mise en Dior collection. Year after year, the collecton changes its patterns and nuances, but essentially, the design and every detail remain the same - desirable, attractive and emphasized.


Necklaces and bracelets are made of large pearl beads connected by a massive chain all the way up to rings and thick ribbons made of different fabrics. Everything is matched perfectly, thanks to shades, motifs and an irresistible multitude of shiny beads. This game of shades, gloss, metal and different materials has weaved the spirit of the brand into the Mise en Dior collection, its collections, materials, prints, glow, scents, glamour.


Mise en Dior 2010Mise en Dior 2010

Mise en Dior 2011Mise en Dior 2011


Year after year, Mise en Dior is inspired by both fashion collections and limited edition collections of fashion accessories. We will show you Mise en Dior necklaces presented in the last few years, as well as announce this year's editions.


Mise en Dior - Cruise 2012Mise en Dior 2012


Over the years, just like the Lady Dior handbag, or some of the divine Dior perfumes, Mise en Dior necklaces and bracelets have become cult and desirable. In the past year, the house of Dior was keen to put them in the forefront and they have done it in the best way possible – with a glamorous play of all of Dior’s cult objects in a video clip. The clip features a pearl bead in a pinball machine touching the Dior icons (J’Adore perfume, Lady Dior handbag, Dior Addict ...), accompanied by Mozart’s electro musical theme. The bead collects points (details) which add parts to the fantasic Mise en Dior necklace.



 Mise en Dior - Anselm Reyle for Dior 2012


Mise en Dior - Anselm Reyle for Dior 2012Mise en Dior - Anselm Reyle for Dior 2012


The latest Mise en Dior creations belong to Anselm Reyle's collection for Dior, and are available in two combinations: black-blue-silver and red-black-silver. A pearly luster is given to the metallic gray resin beads. They are supported by red and blue "caps". The rings are silver and the material that connects the necklace is made of leather with red and blue stitching (Dior print). Buckles are silver and feature the Dior logo. Bracelets are created from the same materials and colors, and the buckles are silver. Mise en Dior necklaces and bracelets are limited editions.



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