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Victoria`s Secret Life is Pink

 Victoria s Secret 15 March , 2010 10:48

Life is Pink is a new fragrant collection by the house of Victoria`s Secret, which includes three fragrances aiming at various personalities.

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 Victoria`s Secret Life Is Pink Collection


What is your choice? What is your personality? What will you choose? - Ask the designers of the new collection by Victoria's Secret, announcing modern collection Life is Pink, as a cheerful and colorful hippie trilogy of spring flavors, in unusual and attractive bottles. Each bottle has bold design that attracts attention, just like a mischievous teenager, and has its personality and different composition.


Victorias Secret Life is Pink Wish Pink


Life is Pink - Wish Pink is a fragrance designed for romantic little ladies and for ultimately girlie girls. Young ladies who love makeup and pink lip gloss, feeling of being in love and being in center of attention finally have a fragrance just for them. Pink design announces romantic and intoxicating notes of peony, surrounded by soft and seductive vanilla. In addition to the bottle you will definitely wish, young ladies like wearing diamonds and pearls, collecting beautiful things and painting their nails pink. If they like a large pink heart, one of them is laid on the bottle of 50ml EDP Wish Pink fragrance of new collection Life is Pink.


Victorias Secret Life Is Pink Live Pink


Life is Pink - Live Pink is ideal for young artists, creative ladies who like unusual things and nature. Yellow flower which crowns the body of the bottle is like a true embodiment of their dreams - emphasizes spontaneity, love of art, nature and photos. Pink girl for whom this fragrance was created loves vintage clothing, take risk, celebrates culture. She is passionate in her wish to change the world. Her notes are marracuya and raspberry juices, seductive, happy, intoxicating. Live Pink fragrance is available in 50 ml edp.


Victorias Secret Life Is Pink Hope Pink


Life is Pink - Hope Pink is a fragrance dedicated to free-spirited little ladies. The bottle is blue like the sky and the sea, connecting in this way endlessness and freedom with feelings and wishes of a young lady. Girls who are most comfortable in jeans, faded t-shirts and flip-flops. Their thoughts are focused on poetry, nature, wild flowers and beaches where they walk barefoot. This fresh and clean fragrance they like was created of jasmine petals and aromas of fresh strawberries. Available as 50 ml edp.


Victoria`s Secret Life Is Pink Collcetion


All three fragrances of the collection are complemented by assortment of body care products that includes perfumed lotion, sheer mist fragrances and roller-ball fragrances. via (VS PINK)

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